Go - To Grey Paint Colours

Neutral walls allow a space to act as a blank canvas and allow room for your creativity and colour palette to be expressed with the furniture and accessories. With that being said it can be tricky if not approached with a cautious hand. All greys have undertones, which is one of the reasons why they can be difficult to work with at times, often shades can look yellow or way too blue once applied on walls within spaces.

 It is no secret that every individual room has its own unique lighting and style so it is almost impossible to recommend a generic colour for every project however we have put together a reference guide with the most flattering colours. Clare Norrish Interior Design has tested many variations over the years, therefore we have been able  to put together a few of our favourite grey toned paints that work well within all room sizes and spaces. The tried, tested shades we truly believe never fail to work within a scheme we find our selves using over and over again.

Grey does a great job at enhancing neutral wood tones; it creates a beautiful and effective feel to them room and work well along side other colour tones too.  It enhances almost every wood finish and colour you are working with as seen in the kitchen design below the two contrasts each other very well creating an earthy toned scheme. 

Image Source: Pinterest 

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