How will a Brexit vote effect the interior design industry?

In the week leading up to the election, the design industry and the business community as a whole are on tenterhooks to find out which way the vote will swing. Will we remain within the european community or will we break free and how will this effect the design industry in the UK moving forward.

Europe is without doubt the hub and inspiration for luxury furnishing and design creativity, it is home to the fashion capital of the world and we look towards Europe for guidence in trend and development. Europe is also home to some of the largest furniture and lighting fairs in the industry and we must not take for granted our right to travel easily in and out of all european countries and the benefits we gain from being able to do this so freely.

We, as a company trade a great deal with Europe for kitchens, sanitary ware, lighting as well as furniture and fabrics and being within the EU certainly makes these countries easier to trade with. To 'Brexit' ignites uncertainty as to the barriers that might be formed in trading with Europe as a key market within the interior design sector.

Will a 'Brexit' vote make us think and indeed design like an independent nation instead of being so heavily lead by european influences? or is it in fact our mixed and diverse culture that now drives the basis of the design in this country? 

Our industry has been elevated by a large amount of international & european investment in our property market which may be deemed more risky if we are not part of the European community.

Britain has a strong voice in business, but is this voice made stronger being part of the EU?. Do the benefits of isolating ourselves from the rest of Europe really outweigh the advantages of making that break for freedom? 

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