Ways to work with Neutral Colour Schemes

A neutral design scheme  focuses on using a narrow range of colors, but within that range, there is a fair amount of variation. The pre-eminent thing about neutrals is their universality: you can apply them literally everywhere .

 Capable of supporting every specific design style , from the most traditional to the extremely modern ones. However in order to make neutral schemes work , it is necessary to use different shades and textures of the neutral colours , applying these colours gradually will add depth and create beautiful neutral toned interior spaces. 

Combining neutrals can create a sophisticated space , the key lies in layering up plenty of textures in order to add as much interest as possible. Consider  real wood , soften with linens and neutral patterned fabrics in accessories to make them work. As seen in the photograph below, we have used a variety of soft fabrics and textures, adding a contrast with the flooring and glass table which adds a luxurious feel to the room.

The secret to any neutral scheme is textures, these tend to make neutrals more eye catching and have an overall engaging effect on the living space. There is a vast range of texture combinations to choose from. For instance adding a plush throw with silky cushions and a cotton headboard is a great example how mixing a variety of different fabrics within the neutral family works beautifully.

In a neutral palette using contrast is also an effective way to add more interest, an example of that wood be using polished versus textured surfaces , shiny glass verses dark wood , the options are endless.

If you think that gradation and textures are not enough within your neutral scheme consider introducing multiple geometric patterns in different and contrasting shapes. As seen in the photograph below we introduced a geometric fabric on the headboard which compliments  the rest of the neural  tones seen in the scheme with a mixture of small and larger scale patterns. 

The textured 3D effect fabric adds an instant eye capturing focal point within the room. Whilst it is a neutral light colour due to the texture , contrasting surrounding and elements of natural wood seen in the bedside tables it is still a striking element within this scheme. 

The versatility of geometric patterns is endless therefore making it a great way to add a bold feature within a space. In the photograph below we have used geometry to create a neutral yet eye capturing headboard with a contrasting wooden border surround. Introducing bronze and copper accessories creates a contrasting yet still not over powering feel to the space , creating a sophisticated feel to this particular bedroom. 

Accessories are just as important within any scheme , it is a an excellent way to add a grandeur feel to any room.  Simple yet effective way to dress a dining table with a napkin ring adds a delicate and elegant touch as seen in the photograph below. 

Accents of copper tones have been introduced through out this property  as seen in the bedroom earlier and accents of it are seen in the dressing of this dining  table. The warm copper tones contrast beautifully with the wood and compliment the neutral tones seen in the scheme yet add an opulent feel and look to the space . 

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