New Year, Renewed Space: Updating Your Home To Start The New Year Fresh

The days between Christmas and New Years are some of my favourite of the whole year.  By then you’ve survived the stresses of the holidays and can finally relax and breathe. The weather is usually pretty miserable but the up side of that is it gives you the perfect excuse to stay in and chill out.

Usually by the 29th or 30th I start itching to take the Christmas decorations down and have a wider clear-out. After days of eating and drinking in excess it’s great to get up with a purpose.

Start With An Easy Win

My go-to starting point for a clear out is always my closet. I love getting rid of clothes I no longer:

  • fit
  • like
  • can repair (ie completely worn out)

NB: Some are deeply loved but need to go into storage because of the above reasons.

I actually do this fairly regularly so it’s never a monumental task. I can imagine some of you are thinking that’s the last place I’d start. Yours might be the refrigerator or sock drawer to back porch. Clear a space, eat (some more) left over turkey, clear a space, watch Home Alone (again), clear a space, go to the pub. These days were actually made for getting organized.

Furniture Arrangements

This year don’t limit your Christmas clear out to the bookshelf and TV unit. Take the time to think about your furniture.  How is your room laid out? Could the furniture work better in another way? Is it time to get a new sofa or coffee table?

It sounds a bit extreme but it could be useful to start my clearing out the room and then adding pieces back in. You might have a chair in your bedroom that would work perfect in the kitchen. Or that console from the hall could give you a much needed space for lamps and photo frames behind the sofa. Just because a practical piece of furniture has always been located in a specific place doesn’t mean it has to stay there. By playing around you might just surprise yourself.

This article, from online discount retailer Wayfair, gives some great tips on how to create the best possible layout for your space.

And the nice thing about doing it over Christmas is the being able to take advantage of the January furniture sales. You can get some amazing bargains in the post-Christmas sales, especially ex-display items. 

Attention To Detail

Having a clear-out and creating a better space doesn’t have to involve splashing out on an expensive new piece of furniture. It could be as simple as changing a lampshade or, indeed, adding some extra lighting. These lamps from Porta Romana not only provide warm lighting to the space but are also works of art in their own-right.  The addition of the right set of lamps can really transform a room. 

Soft furnishings are another area where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a big impact. And, like furniture, there are some great deals in January. If you’re looking for some statement pieces we can really recommend Designer’s Guild. They carry lots of bold patterns and fun colours. Take advantage of some great discounts on great quality products.

What kind of year would you like in 2018? Let that feeling start at home. 

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